Salma Hayek Crippled By Stage Fright When She Started Acting

Salma Hayek

She’s one of the biggest names in Hollywood today with a long list of hit films to her name, but Salma Hayek wasn’t always so confident with her acting skills.

The ‘Savages’ star began her career as an actress aged 18 and has now recalled just how terrified she was in the early days, before she began appearing in movies in the mid-90s.

Her first job was a production of ‘Aladdin’ in her native country of Mexico and she was so crippled by stage fright ahead of her big performance, she tried to run away before the curtain lifted.

Salma shared of her disastrous role: “I was 18 and I was playing Jasmine in a production of ‘Aladdin’ for children and it didn’t have a good start because I didn’t know I had stage fright. I discovered it as it was time for me to get out on the stage and I ran with the Jasmine outfit out on to the street.

“They got me back and put me (on stage),” the 46-year-old continued to recall during an interview with talk show host David Letterman this past week. “I ran out of the theater because the stage fright was so bad.

“So they put me on this bed carried by some strong guys and ran on to the stage. They put me on a tower where I was supposed to sing a song, but thank god I was lip-syncing.

“Before this, there was some special effects and I heard an explosion. Then it was time for me to sing; so I’m lip-synhing and Aladdin is climbing the tower to talk to me.

“I’m supposed to touch his face. I touch him and I look at my hand, and I screamed! When there was an explosion, he was burned. He had no eyebrows, no hair… he didn’t know so he continued. I was so terrified of the audience that I didn’t notice till I had his skin on my hand!”

Salma is currently plugging her latest movie, buddy comedy ‘Grown Ups 2′, which is directed by Dennis Dugan and produced by Adam Sandler. Others who star opposite the actress include Kevin James, Chris Rock, Taylor Lautner and Halston Sage.


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