Kim Kardashian “DOES Leave The House” Mom Kris Jenner Reveals

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Despite reports that Kim Kardashian is “sick of being in hiding” and hasn’t left the house since giving birth on June 15, mom Kris Jenner has revealed that her daughter has in fact left the house on several separate occasions.

Kim had apparently been telling her close friends how she can’t wait to show off her new baby daughter to the world, as she was tired of being “cooped up” at her mom’s L.A mansion.

But Jenner has now insisted that Kim has actually been out and about a few times since giving birth last month.

Kim Kardashian“I’m here to tell you that Kim DOES come out of the house!” Kris revealed on her new talk show ‘Kris’, which launched at the start of this week.

It was well publicized that Kim had taken North to her family’s Independence Day party on July 4, but Jenner says the reality star has been out more than just that once.

“She’s been to the doctor, she’s been to the pediatrician, she’s been out, she’s been to dinner,” Kris explained.

“I mean… we had a great time on the Fourth of July out on the beach, I mean it’s just not true.”

On Monday (July 15), a member of the public claimed they’d seen Kim and baby North driving around Southern California, but said Kim had kept her baby hidden under a blanket.

“Kim looks amazing, she really does. She’s dropped a lot of the baby weight already… not to say she still doesn’t have a ways to go, but she looked slim and was glowing,” the onlooker told Radar Online.

“As for the baby, Kim and her helper kept a blanket over North’s car seat so nobody could catch a glimpse.”

According to the onlooker, Kim had used her “helper’s” car to escape the house unnoticed by the paparazzi.


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