Emma Watson Bonded With Rihanna On Set Of ‘This Is The End’ Movie

Emma Watson Bonded With Rihanna On Set Of 'This Is The End' Movie

Emma Watson became friends with Rihanna after they both appeared in the new Seth Rogen movie ‘This is the End’, and hit it off right away.

The former ‘Harry Potter’ star and the ‘Diamonds’ singer both landed cameos in the new comedy and bonded on set over Emma’s short hair – after RiRi told the actress she’s a fan of her shorter ‘do.

“Rihanna was great,” Watson recalls about her meeting with the Bajan beauty. “She was just really normal and just very up for being part of the film and doing whatever!”

On what they bonded over in between their scenes in the new film, Emma told heatworld: “We talked about doing hair – she said she liked my short haircut – that made my week.

“It was awesome – she’s really great. She’s really laid back.”

Speaking of another of her new movies, ‘The Bling Ring’, the 25-year-old revealed how she was left in pain during one scene when someone stood on her foot while wearing giant heels.

“On ‘The Bling Ring’ we were filming a scene in a nightclub and this girl had a particularly pointy pair of stiletto’s on which went straight through my big toenail!” says Emma.

“I looked down and it was just gruesome.

“There scenes I was meant to be running in and if you pay close attention, you can see me limping! But, all in a days work, I guess,” Watson joked.

‘This Is The End’ and ‘The Bling Ring’ are both out now.


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