Will Smith Admits He Made Son Jaden Shoot Scenes With Deadly Snakes

Will Smith Admits He Made Son Jaden Shoot Scenes With Deadly Snakes

Will Smith has admitted that he put his son’s life in danger while filming their new movie ‘After Earth’.

The ‘Men In Black’ actor and his 14-year-old son Jaden Smith traveled to Costa Rica together to shoot scenes for the sci-fi film and spent a lot of time working in the Central American country’s jungles.

But while most of the deadly creatures seen in the movie are added later using CGI, one particular scene saw Jaden working alongside real life snakes.

Speaking about the making of ‘After Earth’, Will revealed that one day, several deadly snakes were spotted on a nearby tree that Jaden had to climb.

“There are these snakes called fer-de-lances, and a fer-de-lance is the second most poisonous snake on Earth,” Smith explained. “We had snake wranglers on the set, six guys would just walk around all the time and go … thump!

“So there was a scene, and the snake wrangler came over and said, ‘You know the tree that Jaden’s about to do the shot in? We got, uh, a few snakes … ‘I said, ‘Well, like two?’ He said, ‘We got … maybe five today. You know, there’s other trees.'”

But rather than follow the professional’s advice and make Jaden shoot the scene away from the poisonous reptiles, Will encouraged his son to do the scene, knowing he was surrounded by deadly snakes.

“Jaden comes on the set and I was like, ‘Well, let’s just roll, we’re here. Jaden, quick, just get up there, just get the scene!” Will continued.

“Now that I think about it, we shouldn’t have done a couple of those shots,” he laughed.


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