Taylor Swift Pushing Selena Gomez And Austin Mahone Together?

Selena Gomez and Austin Mahone

Taylor Swift has reportedly hatched a plan to find best friend Selena Gomez a new boyfriend – anyone, so long as it isn’t Justin Bieber!

It’s no secret that Swift isn’t a fan of Selena’s ex-boyfriend, so now Taylor’s trying to help her BFF move on from Justin by setting her up with other guys.

And the latest potential boyfriend Taylor’s lined up for Sel is 17-year-old singer Austin Mahone, who Gomez was spotted spending the day with at Disneyland on Wednesday (June 26).

“Taylor loves (Austin). She thinks he’s adorable and knows that Justin is threatened by him,” a source said. “Getting him to hang out with Selena was her idea.

“It’s no secret she’s not a fan of Justin anymore, so it seems pretty obvious why she’d want to push Austin and Selena together.”

And Taylor thinks Mahone’s kind personality is exactly what Selena needs right now.

“Plus, Austin is the nicest guy,” the insider told Hollywood Life. “He’s so genuine — what you see is what you get. He doesn’t party, he’s humble and he’s not taking any of this for granted.”

In other words – he’s nothing like Justin Bieber!

But despite Swift’s attempts, it looks like there’s no romance between Selena and Austin yet – as a close insider told E! News: “They’re really good friends and have a lot of fun together.”

This isn’t the first time Taylor has tried matchmaking with Selena, as just last week it was rumored that she was trying to hook Gomez up with her other BFF, Ed Sheeran.

“Taylor Swift is really pushing to be matchmaker for them,” an insider said at the time, “and they are not against something happening, but nothing has happened physically between the two yet.

“But there is certainly a good chance if either one wants to pursue things further.”


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