Rita Ora: ‘I’d Rather Raid Blue Ivy’s Wardrobe Than Beyonce’s!’

Rita Ora: 'I'd Rather Raid Blue Ivy's Wardrobe Than Beyonce's'

The chance to rummage through Beyonce Knowles’ wardrobe would be a dream come true for most women, but for British pop star Rita Ora, baby Blue Ivy’s closet holds more of a fascination.

Despite being far too big to fit into any of Blue Ivy’s tiny clothes, Rita believes that the 17-month old daughter of Beyonce and Jay-Z must have a huge wardrobe packed full of designer outfits.

“I’d definitely want to raid Blue Ivy’s wardrobe more than Beyoncé’s,” Ora told Marie Claire magazine. “It is probably like bigger than both of their wardrobes put together. That’s the wardrobe I wanna be in!”

Speaking about her friendship with Bey and husband Jay-Z (whose label Roc Nation Rita signed to in 2009), the 22-year-old admits it’s still surreal to have someone she looked up to her whole life now one of her biggest supporters.

“It’s like your idol giving you the seal of approval,” Rita explained. “I loved Destiny’s Child growing up so the fact she knows who I am and listens to my music and gives me good advice is amazing.

“She just sometimes goes ‘change that riff’ or ‘that sounds great’… she’s just very quick… but when she speaks, you know to listen to the advice. It’s amazing for me. She’s like the God of vocals.”

Rita – who was just named the new face of Madonna’s ‘Material Girl’ fashion brand – is currently working on the follow-up to her debut album ‘Ora’, and revealed she’s going for a more grown up sound on her next release.

“I’m feeling the pressure a little bit but I’m really excited. Like, last time I was scared because I was a new artist, and I still am. But this time I feel much more confident… It’s just much more mature but still crazy fun,” she explained.

“I don’t want to tell you who I’m collaborating with,” she continued. “But I am working working with people I’ve loved from the get-go like Mark Ronson and, umm, some amazing producers from our camp at RocNation.”


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