Leona Lewis Talks Style: “I Think Of Beauty As A Game”

Leona Lewis Talks Style: I Think Of Beauty As A Game

Leona Lewis enjoys toying with different looks and having “fun” with her style to keep things fresh.

The singer says taking care of her hair and skin isn’t a chore, as she sees her beauty regime as being more like a “game” than a drag.

“I like taking care of my hair, playing with different styles, I also like putting make-up on and beauty products in general,” Leona told the France edition of Closer magazine.

“In fact, I find it fun, I think of beauty in general as a bit of a game.

“That’s why I find it so cool to have my own cosmetics line, and especially one that’s so in keeping with my ethics and values I feel passionately about.”

Lewis – who recently launched her very own animal-friendly and ethical cosmetics line with UK beauty chain The Body Shop – also added to the magazine how she prefers being more natural with her look, so tends to hold back when applying make-up.

“Less is more,” explains the ‘Collide’ singer, “my make-up artist always tells me the less you do, the better it looks.”

Leona continued: “When I’m not doing any concerts, interviews or photoshoots, my everyday make-up is pretty simple. I usually don’t do anything to my skin.

“Otherwise, I might sometimes just mix a bit of foundation with my moisturizer. I only really wear mascara.”

Leona Lewis performs live during her ‘Glassheart’ world tour:

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