Kim Kardashian ‘Vows Not To Give Birth Or Show Baby On Reality Shows’

Kim Kardashian 'Vows Not To Give Birth Or Show Baby On Reality Shows'

Kim Kardashian has vowed not to feature her baby girl on ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ or any of its spin-off shows.

The mom-to-be is due to give birth to her first child with Kanye West next month, and despite coming from a reality show herself, Kim has sworn that she won’t show her daughter on any upcoming episodes of the E! television series.

“Kim is very serious about her pledge,” a source told Radar Online. “She has said, multiple times, that the baby will not be part of the Kardashian reality-television empire.”

And the ban on filming her child will apparently begin immediately… Although sister Kourtney Kardashian gave birth to both Mason and Penelope on screen, Kim is refusing to be filmed during the labor.

“Of course, producers want Kim to do the same as Kourt,” the insider continued. “It would be a ratings dream and reality television gold. But Kim is refusing it. She doesn’t want her fans to see her in that situation…in the birthing suite.”

Kim’s decision will be welcomed by Kanye West, who has been openly against having his child featured on TV right from the get-go – but it’s still unknown whether he and Kim will agree to have their baby shown in magazines.

“Time will tell on that one,” the source added. “That might be the trade-off – magazine but no television.”

Meanwhile, Kim’s mom Kris Jenner is reportedly hoping to debut the baby in her upcoming TV talk show ‘Kris’.


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