Jaden Smith And Kylie Jenner ‘Didn’t Want Their Relationship Made Public’

Kyle Jenner and Jaden Smith

Earlier this week (June 26) Jaden Smith and Kylie Jenner were spotted holding hands after a date to the movies, confirming for the first time that they’re an item. But why did they kept it a secret so long?

Despite being quizzed about their relationship in the past, both Kylie and Jaden have always insisted that they’re “just good friends”, and now it’s been revealed that the reason they kept their romance so hush-hush, is because they didn’t want their relationship played out for the world to see.

14-year-old Smith saw first hand what happened to BFF Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez when they were dating, and both Jaden and Kylie are aware of the rumors that surround their celebrity parents’ relationships. So the young couple decided to avoid making their relationship public for as long as possible.

“Jaden has seen what happens to relationships in the public eye,” an insider told Hollywood Life.

“His parents (Will and Jada Pinkett Smith) are always being talked about getting divorced, cheating on each other or something else and his good friend Justin (Bieber) had to deal with his relationship with Selena [Gomez] constantly in the limelight as well.

“Add with what Kylie has seen her family go through, they both have decided to make things as normal as possible and not broadcast their relationship to the world,” the insider explained.

Last month, Jaden revealed that his dad Will had advised him not to have a girlfriend for the time being, and it’s been claimed his parents are particularly against his son dating one of the Jenner girls.

“Will and Jada aren’t in favor of Jaden dating either Kylie or Kendall, so they won’t be leaving the new lovebirds alone,” a source said in April.


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