Heidi Klum Makes Artwork Out Of Her Children’s Hair

Heidi Klum Makes Artwork Out Of Children's Hair

Heidi Klum has revealed that she keeps her kids hair clippings and makes pictures out of it.

Lots of parents keep trinkets and mementos from their kids childhood; drawings, something from pottery class, perhaps a baby blanket. But Heidi decided to go one step further and hold on to her kids hair… Bags of the stuff!

The supermodel, who has four children (two girls and two boys) with ex-husband Seal, revealed that she collected the hair of sons Henry, 7, and Johan, 6 for so long, that she was suddenly stumped about what to do with it all.

“So two of my boys, they have big afros, and when I shaved them all down, I kept all the hair and I put it in a Ziploc bag,” Klum told YourTango.

“I keep everything! But then, I waited and I’m like, ‘I don’t know what I’m gonna do with this.’ It was so beautiful, this whole bag of afro: one for Henry, one for Johan.”

So what did the supermodel do with all their excess hair? She turned it into a piece of artwork of course!

“The next time they painted their faces, I glued all their hair around it, so it was like this three-dimensional painting. It’s their face!” She explained.

“Henry was always a bit more blonde, like the tips are really blonde, and Johan’s more dark. So you can see, this one looks like Henry and this one looks like Johan. It’s so pretty.”

This week we revealed how Heidi is having her Seal tattoo removed from her body, as she split from the singer last year.


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