Hailee Steinfeld Wants To Duet With Taylor Swift

Hailee Steinfeld Wants To Duet With Taylor Swift

Actress Hailee Steinfeld has been having guitar lessons with her friend Taylor Swift and hopes that one day they could even get together and collaborate on a song.

The ‘I Knew You Were Trouble’ singer has been trying to help the 16-year-old learn the instrument and while it’s still early days yet, she says a duet with Swift in the future would be a dream come true as she’s such a big fan of her music.

“I would love that,” Hailee told E! Online this week when quizzed about working together. “I don’t know if I could hold myself up next to her.

“She’s so incredibly talented. She sort of attempted to teach me and it just doesn’t work very well.”

Steinfeld also joked that it’s “not bad” having someone as talented and famous as Taylor giving her a helping hand, especially as the ’22’ singer has been getting her prepared for her role in next movie ‘Can a Song Say Your Life?’, which sees the actress having to play guitar.

“You don’t get to hear me sing,” she said of her upcoming film. “I do play a little bit of guitar in the movie, so that was exciting.”

Hailee has a busy year ahead of her, as other films she’ll be starring in before the end of 2013 are ‘Ender’s Game’, ‘Hateship, Friendship’, ‘Three Days To Kill’ and ‘The Homesman’.

She’ll also be playing Juliet in a new film adaptation of William Shakespeare’s ‘Romeo and Juliet’, alongside her on-screen love interest Douglas Booth (as Romeo).


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