Farrah Abraham Slams Charlie Sheen: ‘I Would Never Go On A Date With Him’

Farrah Abraham Slams Charlie Sheen: 'I Would Never Go On A Date With Him'

Farrah Abraham blew her chances of getting close to Charlie Sheen when she made their private text conversations public earlier this month – but she now claims she simply doesn’t care.

The former ‘Teen Mom’ star now insists that the ‘Scary Movie 5′ actor is actually just an old guy who needs to “get his life together”.

Earlier this month, TMZ was given access to text messages sent between the Abraham and Sheen, in which Farrah attempted to land a part on Charlie’s ‘Anger Management’ TV show and openly flirted with the 47-year-old – who happily flirted back.

However, when Sheen discovered Abraham had released their private conversations to the website, he went nuts.

In a series of angry messages, Charlie branded Farrah a “desperate guzzler of stagnant douche agua” with “tranny boobs and five o’clock shadow.” Ouch!

Now 22-year-old Farrah has backtracked from her friendly attempts at getting to know Sheen, claiming she’d never try and get a date with the actor and doesn’t care that he wants nothing to do with her anymore.

“I really don’t even care (about Charlie dissing me),” Farrah insists to Hollywood Life. “That’s coming from someone so old and he needs to get his (life) together.

“I don’t even care. Anything he said doesn’t really even make sense to me,” she says.

“I would never go on an intimate date with Charlie Sheen,” Abraham added. “He is really not my type like that.”

Last month it was announced that Farrah is getting her own reality TV Show.


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