Ed Sheeran Wants To Take Taylor Swift To His Local Pub

Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift

Ed Sheeran is planning to take his close friend Taylor Swift to his local pub when he returns to England.

The British singer-songwriter has just finished touring the United States with Swift and is looking forward to getting back to his hometown of Halifax in West Yorkshire. Ed reveals that during his return, he wants to treat Taylor to a traditional English pub experience.

“I’ve been away for six months and now I’m hoping to take Taylor to my local pub,” Sheeran explained during a chat this week on BBC Radio 1.

“(My friend) Jordan from Rizzle Kicks is going to come too and we’re going to be really English, wearing tweed so she can feel really awkward,” he joked.

Making Taylor feel awkward is apparently Ed’s payback for a prank she recently played on him during the Billboard Awards last month.

“We went to Vegas to the Billboard Awards together. It was cool, but awkward, because 50 per cent of people were really American and 50 per cent were cool…” the 22-year-old explained.

Being used to British Award shows, Ed admits that he didn’t know what to expect at the American ceremony and had to rely on Taylor for tips on how to fit in.

“At a British ceremony, like the BRIT Awards, you just sit there and get drunk. But Taylor told me that at an American awards when someone wins, you stand up and clap, and when someone performs you stand up and dance,” he explained.

But little did he know that Swift was just planning on making him look silly.

He continued: “She left me on my own in the front row as she had to perform. Nicki Minaj and Chris Brown were behind me. So then after the first award I stood up and no-one else did!

“It was embarrassing…” he confessed. “It was awkward.”

Sheeran recently told fans that he had completed the writing of his second album and will be heading into the recording studio at the end of summer. He hopes to release the record early next year (2014).


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