Demi Lovato May Not Tour Due To Having Her Tonsils Removed This Summer

Demi Lovato May Not Tour Due To Having Her Tonsils Removed This Summer

Demi Lovato is due to have an operation on her throat in the coming months and it could mean fans won’t see her out on the road.

It was thought the ‘Heart Attack’ singer would be touring her latest album ‘Demi’ (out now on Hollywood Records), but the ‘X Factor USA’ judge has revealed her plans to perform any concerts could be put into jeopardy.

“Actually, this summer I have to get my tonsils out,” says Lovato about her upcoming plans for the rest of the year. “I’m not sure if this year is the best opportunity to because ‘X Factor’ keeps me so busy.”

Demi also hopes she won’t need any anesthetic when she undergoes her operation, but admits she’s not sure if that will work out.

“I’m gonna do it without painkillers, though, ’cause I’m a boss. I say that now!,” she joked.

While Demi likes to put across that she’s a tough cookie, the 20-year-old admitted making her new album got the better of her at times and she often found herself crying while recording emotional parts of the record, like the ballad ‘Shouldn’t Come Back’.

Demi Lovato

“I was just sobbing because it was just built-up emotion that I was finally getting to release in music,” Lovato recalled to MTV, “and there was a turning point in the song originally about one thing and then… I was like, ‘I want to try something new,’ and I kind of… freestyled the lyrics.

“I just changed the song completely, and my producers in the studio were like, ‘Whoa, it just got heavy.'”

It’s not just her surgery that is causing problems for Demi’s tour plans, as she’s unsure if she’ll be able to sing her new songs live as they mean so much to her on an emotional level.

“With those songs, I don’t know if I will perform them on stage. To be in front of an audience and be that vulnerable, I don’t know if I can do it…

“But I may have to and I may have to get over it and realize that I let the world in on this certain topic and here we go.”

Demi Lovato sings live in LA:

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