Snooki Loves Being A Mom: “I Want Four Kids”

Snooki I Want Four Kids

Snooki has revealed that she’s planning on having at least three more babies, just six months after the birth of her first son with Jionni LaValle, Lorenzo.

The Jersey Shore star shocked both fans and friends when she announced she was pregnant last year, as she was best known on the reality show for her partying ways. But co-star Paul “Pauly D” DelVecchio admits that motherhood actually came very naturally to her.

“She is a great mother,” he told Us Weekly. “Everyone says ‘She’s crazy, how could she be a mother?’ But she flipped a switch – she went right into motherhood.

“She said she was scared she wouldn’t know what to do but her motherly intuitions kicked in and I can see it.”

And it’s lucky that they did – as Snooki revealed that not only does she want to have another child soon – she wants three more!

“I want four kids!” she told Us. “I want four kids, so I want to (get pregnant again) soon.”

“(Lorenzo has) made me a better person,” she added. “He’s made me so much more mature – he’s my life and all I think about.”

Snooki first admitted she was keen to have another baby in January, but revealed she was waiting until her house was ready until she and Jionni started trying again.

“I just really love Lorenzo and I think I need to give him a friend. He’s just so cute and she makes it look so easy, too.”


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