Orlando Bloom ‘Wants Miranda Kerr To Stop Topless Photos’

Orlando Bloom Wants Miranda Kerr To 'Stop Topless Photos'

Orlando Bloom might have married a Victoria’s Secret model, but apparently he’s been telling wife Miranda Kerr she needs to cover up more.

According to the National Enquirer, Bloom wasn’t happy when his wife recently posted a topless picture of herself on the internet – despite the fact everything was covered and we’ve seen it all before.

The article claims that the couple’s two-year-old son has even started pointing out his mom’s “boobies” whenever he sees a topless photo of her – because he sees so many of them.

“Orlando’s been biting his tongue over this for awhile, but it’s now getting to be too much,” says a so-called source.

“He understands that in the past Miranda had to get naked for photo shoots because as a lingerie model, it was part of the job. But he is hoping that now she’s older and a mother, she will start phasing out of posting topless.

“Orlando doesn’t mind that she loves being naked around the house,” added the ‘insider’. “He just wants her to keep some clothing on for the internet gawkers!”

Kerr recently admitted that they’re both too busy to have more kids right now.


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