Nicole Polizzi: “Snooki Is My Drunk Alter Ego”

Nicole Polizzi: Snooki Is My Drunk Alter Ego

Nicole Polizzi barely recognizes herself since she left her days of crazy partying behind.

The 25-year-old has completely turned her life around since she welcomed baby boy Lorenzo into the world last August and quit the wild lifestyle we used to see on Jersey Shore.

“I feel like Snooki is my drunk alter ego,” Nicole now says. “When I drink, she comes out and she’s crazy and just does what she wants. And at the Shore house, it was a party vibe.

“That was our vacation and I was living in the moment. But I’m so over partying, I’ve been doing it since high school.

“My pregnancy just changed the way I view things,” says Polizzi, who has lost 42 pounds recently.

“It’s not all about being stupid and going out. It’s about family and making memories and working out. I take everything more seriously.”

She may be a different person these days, but Nicole says her friends weren’t shocked by her drastic change.

“Some people said, ‘I always knew you had it in you’. I just had to mature I guess,” she told Us Weekly.

“I was so used to having someone take care of me and now that I have Lorenzo, I’m doing everything on my own.”


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