Lauren Conrad Tells Women To ‘Have Fun With Fashion’

Lauren Conrad Tells Women To 'Have Fun With Fashion'

Style icon Lauren Conrad wants to see more fun in fashion, as she feels people worry too much about wearing the right outfit.

In her latest interview, the blonde beauty said: “When you’re growing up, you play dress-up – it’s a game, it’s a pastime.

“And then as you get older, getting ready and looking nice becomes this constant stress. I want to make it fun again.”

Speaking with the April issue of Redbook (with Conrad on the front cover), the 27-year-old also explained how she’s started to work differently with her designs these days to ensure women of all shapes and sizes can enjoy her clothing.

“At first, I was just designing for myself,” LC explained. “Then I started getting comments from women who didn’t have my body type, saying things like, ‘I have a larger chest and can’t wear this tent-shaped dress.’

“So I’ve learned to make pieces that don’t necessarily flatter me but look great on someone else.”

Lauren also hit back at other celebrities who launch their own clothing collections without having any real experience in the fashion world.

“I spent years in school for this. It wasn’t just, ‘I like clothes! I’m going to make some!’”

Lauren’s Redbook issue is on newsstands March 12th.


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