Was Katy Perry Used By John Mayer To Stay In The Spotlight?

Was Katy Perry Used By John Mayer To Stay In The Spotlight

Katy Perry and John Mayer have recently called off their romance, but pals of the Wide Awake singer aren’t exactly upset about it.

Friends of the pop beauty are actually relieved that the stars have ended their on-off relationship – as they believe he was only using her to stay relevant.

One source told People magazine: “He’s very defensive and comes across as extremely jealous of her career.

“He’s basically using Katy, who fits into his plans to stay in the spotlight right now,” adds the insider.

“His whole moving to Montana sting didn’t get him the attention he wanted and he has been going a bit crazy not being able to sing because of his vocal illness.”

The friend also added that the break-up has hurt Perry, as she was looking forward to settling down again after her first marriage to ex-husband Russell Brand failed.

“Katy would eventually like to settle down again,” says the source. “She is worried about getting older which sounds ridiculous considering she is 28.

“But she does think about the long-term plans of marriage and babies.”


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