Zayn Malik Is Not Quitting One Direction

Zayn Malik Is Not Quitting One Direction

One Direction fans can sleep easy tonight knowing that the band isn’t about to lose a member.

This week it was reported that Zayn Malik is unhappy with being in the boyband and is struggling to cope with the pressure of fame

The icing on the cake was when his recent cheating scandal made headlines, when an Australian waitress claimed she bedded the pop hunk – while he’s still dating girlfriend Perrie Edwards.

It was reported the 20-year-old so was planning to quit, leaving 1D to continue with just four members – or worst still, split up altogether.

An insider had told Celebuzz: “There is growing concern among the bosses that Zayn is on the brink at the moment.”

Thankfully, it was just a rumour that he’s leaving 1D, as a spokesperson for the Kiss You singers has denied he’s going anywhere.

“It’s completely untrue,” the representative told Glamour, “Zayn isn’t leaving the band.”

Earlier this month Malik thanked Directioners for all their support during the cheating scandal.

“Hi everyone, just a quick message to say I love all you guys,” he tweeted, “without your support I don’t know what I’d do :) x.”


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