Kim Kardashian Wants To Star In A Sitcom

Kim Kardashian Wants To Star In A Sitcom

Forget reality TV, Kim Kardashian sees herself becoming a serious actress in the future.

The mom-to-be revealed her plans to move on from her shows like Keeping up with the Kardashians and branch out by starring in a sitcom.

The pregnant beauty has got a taste of acting after appearing in Tyler Perry’s new movie Temptation, which sees her playing the role of a marriage counselor called Ava – who falls in love with one of patients.

“My character is pretty light throughout the film, so it’s fun,” Kim said of her role in the film.

“It was interesting to work with people that I’ve liked for so long, and just to work with Tyler Perry was amazing and such a good experience.”

As for her future acting plans, Kardashian told WWD: “I definitely do see myself branching off and maybe doing a sitcom or something other than reality.”

Speaking of her reality shows, last week she revealed that her baby won’t be appearing on TV until he or she is old enough to choose if they want to.

As for her pregnancy, Kim is desperate to keep in shape while she’s still expecting, in case she gets fat due to her cravings.


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