Jay-Z Throws Surprise Super Bowl After Party For Beyonce

Jay-Z Throws Surprise Super Bowl After Party For Beyonce

Jay-Z is a great husband! The hip-hop star was so proud of Beyonce as she sang live at the Super Bowl half-time show on Sunday (February 3) that he arranged a huge party which cost over $150,000.

The rapper threw the surprise party after the event was over to celebrate her big performance in New Orleans, spending $80,000 on champagne for guests.

One special bottle alone cost $15,000 – which Jay poured over his wife and her Destiny’s Child band mates Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams, who had also performed at the show with Bey earlier that night.

Jay also gave Beyonce another treat – this time a $90,000 diamond-encrusted watch, which had ‘Mrs. Carter’ engraved on the back.

Jay-Z Throws Surprise Super Bowl After Party For Beyonce

“Beyonce was over the moon with the surprise party,” a party guest told the Daily Star.

“Everyone was watching as Jay-Z scooped her up for a kiss. But then suddenly he grabbed a giant bottle of pink Armand de Brignac champers, shook it up, and sprayed it over her, Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams.

“They were all laughing and dancing and didn’t seem to mind getting their hair getting wet. He even soaked all of their hickory chicken wings and club sandwiches.

“The room was full of expensive champagne.”

Before the Super Bowl set, it was rumored that Jay-Z would be joining Beyonce on stage for a duet, but he turned down the offer as he didn’t want to steal his wife’s moment.

“He wanted that to be her moment and didn’t want to take away from it,” said a source. “She’s been working her ass off.”


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