Chris Brown Hits Back At His Haters: “I Deserve Respect”

Chris Brown Hits Back At His Haters: I Deserve Respect

After a troubled few weeks, Chris Brown has posted an angry rant online saying that he “deserves respect”.

Chris made headlines at the end of last month when he got into a fight with R&B star Frank Ocean and recent reports say he allegedly threatened to shoot him during the altercation.

Then this week it was claimed the singer faked his community service, which he was ordered to complete after being convicted for assaulting Rihanna in 2009.

Brown’s lawyer Mark Geragos has now hit back at the Los Angeles District Attorney’s allegation branding it “scurrilous, libelous and defamatory”

Now in an angry rant on his Instagram page – which you can read in full below – a frustrated Chris wrote: “Y’all tell me not to pay attention to it – how can I not when it’s on my radio, TV and everything else.

“I’m wise. I can handle the hate, but enough is enough yo… Yes they talked about Jesus, but… I am not him. Not even close. I’m a human being and I honestly think I deserve respect.”

“I’m sick of being accused… I’ve been going through this s**t since I was 19 years old. You can’t sit here and tell me to calm down, when am I going to get a positive outcome out of anything I do?

“I’m not gonna sit here and play the victim, I’m just tired of this s**t. I pray every day and night for a new outcome and just when everything seems to be going good, some new s**t happens.

“A day in my shoes is a day in hell, believe it or not… Before y’all say I’m weak, remember what I’ve been through. My soul cries for positivity. I’m not broken, I am strong.”

Chris Brown Hits Back At His Haters: I Deserve Respect


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