Caroline Flack: “I’m Not Going Out With James Arthur”

Caroline Flack: I'm Not Going Out With James Arthur

So are they are, or aren’t they? We’ve been guessing for months whether last year’s X Factor winner James Arthur is dating Caroline Flack, but it turns out the rumours aren’t true.

According to the Xtra Factor host, she’s not secretly romancing the Impossible singer and they’re “just friends”.

Speaking out on the reports they are an item, Caroline said: “We just go out for drinks. I expected that, if I ever go out with a guy, they like to make up some sort of story.”

Harry Styles’ ex continued: “I think it’s because my life is so boring and if nothing else is really going on, you have to create some sort of soap opera.

“I’m not going out with James Arthur,” she confirmed to MTV, “(my life) is probably more boring that you think.”

She may not be dating James, but another star he’s rumoured to have the hots for is Rita Ora and they’ve already been flirting with each other.

“James is a big fan of Rita,” a source recently revealed. “He has already exchanged a few texts with her and is hoping it might lead to something more.

“They’ve been flirting a bit and having a laugh,” they added. “But it’s still very early days.”


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