Blake Lively: “I Want Beyonce To Be The Mother Of My Children”

Blake Lively: I Want Beyonce To Be The Mother Of My Children

Is Blake Lively Beyonce’s biggest fan? It sure looks that way.

The R&B star thrilled the audience at the Super Bowl last weekend and Gossip Girl actress Blake was blown away by the performance – so much so that she now wants Knowles to be the mother of her kids.

“Oh, my gosh! I just want Beyonce to be the mother of my children,” says the blonde beauty after watching the show on Sunday. “She was amazing!

“I can’t, I can’t even… I don’t even have words for her,” gushed Lively, who wed Ryan Reynolds last year.

“She just stood there and she sang and she danced and there were no big crazy stunts.

“I mean, they had interesting lighting and they had interesting production, but it was really her,” she told E! Online. “I just thought that was amazing.”

Meanwhile, Beyonce has revealed her 12-month-old daughter Blue Ivy is taking after her and has already learned the dance to Single Ladies.


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