Adele Is Worth £15million And Earns £41,000 EVERY Day

Adele Is Worth £15million And Earns £41,000 EVERY Day

We knew Adele was raking it in, but not this much!

She’s one of the biggest stars in music and having so much international success obviously has its perks, as it’s revealed the 24-year-old is worth a massive £15million.

What’s more, thanks to the success of her two albums 19 and 21 – plus her hit singles like Rolling in the Deep and Someone Like You – the singer also earns £41,000 a DAY.

The Sun has obtained documents from Adele’s company Melted Stone Ltd, which show she has £10.2million in the bank, with another £4.6million due from royalties and other payments.

The figure is also significantly more than her earnings from the previous year, when she had assets of just £341,000.

Adele is also in for a payout in royalties thanks to the success of her recent James Bond theme song Skyfall, which saw her take home a Golden Globe Awards last month.

She’ll also earn a fortune when she tours her next album too.


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