Zooey Deschanel “I’m Not A Movie Star”

Zooey Deschanel I'm Not A Movie Star

Actress Zooey Deschanel may have featured in a number of films over the years but she doesn’t really consider herself a “movie star”.

The blue-eyed beauty is perhaps best known these days for her role of quirky Jess in hit sitcom New Girl and she says TV is where her heart is right now.

In an interview with Glamour, the 32-year-old told the magazine that she doesn’t regret focusing on her show instead of her movie career.

“People sometimes say, ‘Oh, you were a movie star’, and I’m like, ‘No, I was a supporting actress’,” Zooey shared. “I wasn’t an A-list actress, and I’m fine with that.”

Explaining why she is choosing TV over the big screen, the (500) Days of Summer star said: “I’m just going where the material is. Some of the smartest people run the network I’m on.”

Deschanel continued: “I’m proud of what I did in film. But getting to do the stuff that I was passionate about was such an uphill battle.

“If New Girl had been a movie, I don’t know whether I would have been given the opportunity to do it.”

Zooey was right to ditch films for New Girl, as the show has become a real ratings winner and earned itself five Primetime Emmy nominations, as well as four Golden Globes nods.


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