Snooki Delays Marriage To Jionni LaValle

Snooki Delays Marriage To Jionni LaValle

Jersey Shore’s Snooki won’t be rushing down the aisle any time soon – she’s waiting until she has her own home with fiance Jionni LaValle before they decide to get wed.

The reality star gave birth to their first baby boy Lorenzo last year and wants to marry her beau, but has delayed the wedding until they can move out of his parent’s basement where they’re currently living.

On her plans to tie-the-knot, Snooki said this week: “Me and Jionni want to have a house first, ’cause we don’t want to get married and go back in his parent’s basement.

“So right now we’re in the process of building our home, so until that’s ready we’re just waiting on the wedding, not rushing it.”

Snooki also gushed over being a mom to little Lorenzo, telling MTV: “Oh, it’s been a blast. Being a mom is definitely more easier than I thought it would be just because Lorenzo’s amazing.

“He’s a happy baby. He hardly cries… everything has been smooth sailing and it’s been so fun.”

Snooki had to drastically change her lifestyle since she got pregnant, but doesn’t miss her former partying ways at all.

“I let it all out and everyone seen anything from starting the show, I was 21 just being able to drink, so that’s when I went crazy – to boyfriends, to fights, to getting arrested – I basically did everything.

“And to now – 25 years old, engaged with a 3-month-old – I mean this is kind of where I wanted to be at this age. So I’m happy it all worked out.”


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