Ne-Yo Defends Beyonce Lip-Syncing Claims: ‘Everyone Knows She Can Sing’

Ne-Yo Defends Beyonce Lip-Syncing Claims

There’s been some controversy over whether Beyonce sang live when she performed at Barack Obama’s inauguration ceremony this week, but one person who is standing by the star is her friend Ne-Yo.

Knowles has been criticized by some viewers after it was claimed she didn’t actually sing The Star-Spangled Banner at the ceremony, but chose to mime the National Anthem instead.

Now R&B star Ne-Yo has defended her, saying today: “Whether she got up there and lip-synced or not, did you enjoy the show? That’s what’s important.

“It’s neither here nor there. People need a reason to talk crazy about somebody. Give it a rest, leave it.”

The Let Me Love You singer also argued that it doesn’t matter if she did lip-sync, as “everyone knows that Beyonce has an incredible voice already.”

Ne-Yo also discussed working with Beyonce on her upcoming new album. “We did quite a few songs,” he shared with BBC Newsbeat.

“She was there for a couple of the sessions. I had a good conversation with her about where she wants to go. I don’t know exactly what’s going to be kept, you never know that until the actual day.”

As for how it’s sounding, Ne-Yo teased: “I can’t really talk about the sound. She’s Beyonce, much like anyone who’s truly an artist you don’t want anyone to know until they know.

“You don’t want to give the secrets away until the day.”

Watch Beyonce perform The Star Spangled-Banner at Barack Obama’s inauguration ceremony:


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