Lucy Hale Talks Her Debut Album: ‘Music Is Something I’ve Always Wanted To Do’

Lucy Hale Talks Her Debut Album: 'Music Is Something I've Always Wanted To Do'

Lucy Hale will soon show off another talent when she switches her usual acting work for a new career path in music.

The 23-year-old beauty is recording her debut country album after inking a deal with Hollywood Records in 2012 (home to Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato) and fans will finally get to hear her songs later this year.

Opening up about the record, Lucy says she can’t wait to release it – especially as music has always been her biggest love, even ahead of acting.

“(The album) is something I wanted to do way before Pretty Little Liars or anything,” she told Access Hollywood this week. “I grew up singing, and acting sort of came up along the way.”

“(Recording) is a lot of weekends, it’s a lot of long nights but I’m so passionate about it. I’m just really excited”

Explaining why she chose country music instead of dance or pop like many of her peers record, Hale said: “Country music to me is the best music in the world.

“It’s storytelling and it means something and it can make you feel any emotion in the world and it’s just where my heart is.”

Lucy added: “Once you get in the circle of country music, you’re in and they will stay with you for life. It’s just going over the hurdle of getting in there because they don’t just let anyone in.

“Look at the careers. You don’t make one album. You make 25 albums. They’re just behind your back always.”


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