Lady Gaga Still Has A “Lot Of Work Left” To Do On ARTPOP

Lady Gaga Still Has A Lot Of Work Left To Do On ARTPOP

According to her producer, Lady Gaga still hasn’t finished recording her new ARTPOP album and still has a “lot of work left” to do on the record.

She’s been in the studio for around a year creating the follow-up to Born This Way, but collaborator Zedd says there’s still some time to go until her fans can hear the new music.

“We’ve been working on it for over a year now,” Zedd shared. “There’s still a lot of work left, so we’re definitely gonna work on this project for the next month.

“The problem with her is obviously that I’m busy and I tour a lot, but she’s probably a lot busier than I am, so it’s hard to find time to work on something together.”

When asked how far along ARTPOP is to being completed, he told MTV News: “I did about 10 ideas, and they were all between almost finished songs up to the piano.

“Then when we were on tour together in Asia for almost two months, we had a lot of time to go back and forth and pick the ones we really like and work on them.

“But they’re still all really rough – it could be five, it could be 10.”

Gaga recently told fans she’s written 50 songs for ARTPOP so far.


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