Lady Gaga Teaching Her Dog Fozzi How To Draw

Lady Gaga Teaching Her Dog Fozzi How To Draw

We always knew Lady Gaga was a little kooky, but latest reports of the star are just plain weird.

According to The Sun, the singer takes her beloved pet dog Fozzi on tour with her and she’s been training the adorable labradoodle how to draw backstage at her concerts.

A source told the paper this morning: “She’s training up her beloved Fozzi to be an artist.

“She’s been attaching pens to his legs and popping him on to paper.

“All of her crew have been treated to a portrait by him.”

Besides drawing, Fozzi has got to travel the world with the Born This Way singer and got to meet Donatella Versace when they hit Italy last year.

The pooch was also photographed with Gaga and two Finnish soldiers when they visited Helsinki.

Meanwhile, the star has been involved in a war of words with Sharon Osbourne this past week, with Osbourne slamming her for promoting guns and having violent fans.

Director Quentin Tarantino also said he wants to work with Gaga on a movie in the future.


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