Lady Gaga To Save Michael Jackson’s Neverland?

Lady Gaga To Save Michael Jackson's Neverland?

Lady Gaga is a huge fan of the late Michael Jackson so is thinking of investing into his Neverland ranch to help save the star’s former home.

The Thriller singer originally purchased the 3,000 acre ranch in 1988 and had it fitted with a rail track, fairground and petting zoo, but the park came to an end during his financial problems.

The Born This Way star has spoken before of her love for the King of Pop and recently bought a number of his costumes at auction. Now she apparently has her sight set on restoring Jackson’s famous fairground.

“Lady Gaga is obsessed with Michael,” reveals a source today. “She’s become good friends with his sister La Toya and would love more than anything else to restore Neverland to its original state.

“His kids are all desperate to hold on to their childhood home so they can decide what they want to do with it properly when they’ve grown up,” the source told The Sun newspaper.

“Gaga would love to help with the financial costs by buying a share.”

Neverland was sold in 2008 to an investment company, however Michael’s kids – Prince, Paris and Blanket – all hold a share in it.

Speaking of the Jackson memorabilia Gaga recently splashed out on, she Tweeted at the time: “The 55 pieces I collected today will be archived & expertly cared for in the spirit & love of Michael Jackson, his bravery, & fans worldwide.”

Her love of the Earth Song star doesn’t end there either – she recently revealed that she was in talks to support Michael for his This is It residency in London, which sadly didn’t happen due to his shock death.

“There was some talk about the openers doing duets with Michael on stage,” says Gaga.

“But Michael’s death was devastating for me regardless of whether I was supposed to go on tour with him.”


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