Kim Kardashian And Kanye West Want A Fashionable Baby

Kim Kardashian And Kanye West Want A Fashionable Baby

Kim Kardashian’s baby is set to be the best-dressed kid around.

The reality star and her boyfriend Kanye West are both huge fashion lovers and plan to make their child stylish when he or she is born in July.

Kim appeared as a guest on talk show Jimmy Kimmel Live this week and revealed just how fashionable their baby will be – especially if the rapper has his way.

“If anyone knows Kanye, they just know how into fashion he is, and I think he’s going to have things, like, specially made,” revealed Kardashian, who is desperate to keep in shape during the next 6 months.

“I don’t think hand-me-downs are going to work. I think it has to be, like, really fun stuff.”

When she was asked what kind of outfits they have in mind for their little one, Kim joked: “Chains… leather pants!”

The raven-haired beauty – who is having cravings for junk food – recently admitted the pregnancy was a surprise, but Kanye can’t wait to become a dad.

“We talked about it, but it was a nice surprise,” she told Kimmel. “He is so excited, it’s really cute how excited he is.”

As for its sex, Kim says she doesn’t even know herself whether she’s having a boy or girl – but they’ll be finding out soon when they have a scan.

“I have another week or two,” she added. “Yes, for sure, I’m really excited to find out.”

It’s rumored that Kanye is too scared to watch the birth.


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