Jordin Sparks Is More “Adventurous” With Her Style

Jordin Sparks Is More Adventurous With Her Style

Singer-turned-actress Jordin Sparks thinks she’s a lot more adventurous when it comes to her choice of outfits these days.

The Sparkle star says she’s stopped wearing clothing just to look good and prefers to get a little daring – especially when she walks the red carpet.

Speaking on her recent style changes, Jordin said: “Instead of wearing something because I know it will accentuate my positives and look good, I’ve become adventurous.”

Recalling one particular event which saw her get more risky with her look, Sparks said of her outfit for the American Music Awards last year: “I know I’m not this edgy and crazy person, but that AMA dress was so different for me.

“So I just said to myself, ‘I’m going to try it.’ I ended up loving it!”

Although she’s starting to get creative for showbiz events and awards, Jordin – who is dating Jason Derulo – says she prefers playing it safe when it comes to her everyday wear.

As for her recent clothes purchases, she told People: “I got these really cute sweater dresses because Arizona has bi-polar weather. They’re light enough, but still heavy enough to keep you warm.

“I pair them with some funky boots and then add some sparkle and glitter.”


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