Cara Delevingne Denies Harry Styles Romance: ‘We Never Dated’

Cara Delevingne Denies Harry Styles Romance: 'We Never Dated'

She’s just one of many, many women who has been linked to Harry Styles, but Cara Delevingne is insisting she never dated the singer.

The Victoria’s Secret model was rumoured to be romancing the One Direction hunk after they were photographed leaving a club together, but the 18-year-old beauty has laughed off the idea that they secretly hooked up.

When Grazia grilled her on the relationship, Cara replied: “Er, nothing? Who’s Harry? Who are you talking about? Which one? The Prince? I’m joking. JOKING. Or the other one?

“That was just a rumour, they both were. Both Harrys, just rumours.”

Delevingne then went on to add that she’s just friends with Taylor Swift’s ex.

“Do rumours have to be not real? I don’t know. I know Harry, he’s a good friend of mine, you know, it was… the whole thing is that everyone’s been linked to him.”

The Burberry beauty also found herself on the receiving end of online death threats when she was rumoured to be dating Styles, but luckily she found most of them amusing.

“One week I had 40,000 followers and then I had 70,000 on Twitter and suddenly it’s like Mrs Harry Styles, die, b*tch, die,” Cara admitted.

“And it’s funny because I’ve always been quite good at taking criticism because I criticise myself a lot, generally.”

Delevingne added: “Some of them can be quite funny and creative about it. But the ‘die in a hole’ ones? Like, whose nine-year-old daughter are you? That’s f***ed up.”

Do you think Cara and Harry would make a cute couple?


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