Lady Gaga Has Written 50 Songs For Her ARTPOP Album

Lady Gaga Has Written 50 Songs For Her ARTPOP Album

Lady Gaga has her hands full when it comes to choosing what songs to include on her next record ARTPOP, as she’s written 50 songs for the album.

The star is currently working on the sequel to last year’s Born This Way, which she’ll be releasing in 2013 and she’s told fans to expect the unexpected – as her new music will “erase” their “preconceived notions” about her.

Replying a message a fan Tweeted her yesterday about the album, Gaga said: “I have written like 50 songs. I don’t know what will rise to top. But that’s how I wrote The Fame / The Fame Monster.”

The Marry The Night performer has also been recording a number of collaborations, which will definitely still be released – whether or not they make it on to ARTPOP.

When asked about the duets, Gaga said: “I’m not sure yet. Stands pretty firm on its own.

“I’ll release collars regardless if they’re on album or not, that’s what’s nice about app. I can upload new material all the time.

“Everyone needs to keep calm + trust mother. relinquish control of ARTPOP. Erase your preconceived notions of my music. #ARTPOP2013.”

Are you looking forward to ARTPOP?


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